Tips on Saving Money on Gas

How To Save Money On Gas

Are you thinking of buying a new or used Chevrolet in Illinois that gets better gas mileage than your current car? Maybe you’re interested in the phenomenal new hybrid technology of the Chevy Volt? Well we are too, and we’d love to show you the new Chevy hybrids at Sunrise Chevrolet. There are, however, also ways to save money on gas without spending thousands on a new vehicle. Sometimes you would rather hang onto the car you have because it works fine, it’s practical, you like it, it’s important to you, or you simply can’t afford a new vehicle at the moment. We understand all of that. Here are a few tips to help you put your gas budget on a diet.

Keep on Top of Standard Maintenance

Those fuel efficiency ratings that the EPA puts out are based on optimal driving conditions with your car running as good as new. The best way to get the kind of mileage you want from you car is to make sure everything is maintained properly. Check to see that your tires are properly inflated and not too worn. New, properly inflated tires can save you money on gas.

Make sure that your oil is changed regularly. As oil gets more and more polluted, it loses the proper viscosity to adequately lubricate the engine, making it harder for the individual parts inside to move around. This ends up costing you more gas than necessary. If you neglect your oil or air filter, it can make it harder for the engine to work as well. These are all simple fixes.

Change How You Drive

If you’re the type of driver that’s full throttle all the time, maybe you should rethink your style. Pushing the vehicle to accelerate quickly and driving too fast both contribute to poor fuel economy. Changing your own driving habits can net you an extra few miles per gallon.

While we’d love to sell you a new or used car at Sunrise Chevrolet, we’re also here to help you drive better and smarter in your current car. For all your service and repair concerns, needs, and questions, always remember to get in touch with Illinois’ pre-owned auto dealership, Sunrise Chevrolet.

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